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Discussion about temperament and discipline.
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June, 2018.
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5. Why should a standardized questionnaire be used to determine temperament?

The primary caregiver nearly always has the most experience with the infant or child and is the expert on their behavior, However, the primary caregiver is rarely aware of the major categories of temperament and the boundaries between some of the overlapping dimensions. Ratings using an age specific questionnaire can focus the caregiver's experience and give a temperament profile that is likely to be more valid than general impressions.

6. What is the relationship between temperament and ADHD?

Certain normal temperament characteristics are similar to those regarded as behavioral symptoms of ADHD. Activity level, distractibility adaptability and persistence are normal personality characteristics but hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention are facets of ADHD. It is very likely that many children are being diagnosed with ADHD when in fact they do not have a neurobehavioral disability.

7. Can temperament affect my child even though I know my child has ADHD?

All children have temperaments. Even children who have been diagnosed with ADHD may have temperamental characteristics that create "poorness of fit" issues. Assessment and environmental changes to address temperament issues can still be very helpful in many cases.

8. What if my helping professional doesn't know about temperament?

Although most licensed and certified professionals know about the existence of temperament research, many do not know about the information and resources available for use in practice today.

Suggesting a visit to the directory of products and resources on this web site (see B-DICatalogues) would give them access to the tools available for using temperament information in their practices.
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