Understanding Behavioral Individuality

More About Temperament

The temperament profile generated by the ATQ2 online software is based on years of research on behavioral style, which has established that the nine NYLS categories are strongly influenced by genetic and biological makeup. Temperament characteristics may also be influenced by the environment, but little is known about how to change these behavioral dispositions. Most clinicians and researchers agree that temperament is a major component in the development and stucture of adult personality. They have also concluded that it is more productive to accommodate, or work around, temperament qualities than to try to change the person's make up.

Drs. Chess and Thomas strongly believed that adults should learn about and become aware of their temperamental qualities so that goodness of fit could be established between temperament and environment. Most adults find the results of the ATQ2 interesting and valuable. If you believe that your spouse, significant other, students or clients could benefit from temperament assessment you may wish to consider ordering additional temperament profiles below. Simply follow the instructions below to obtain valid passcodes for others to use on this site. For additional free information about temperament visit www.b-di.com Thanks for your interest in the ATQ2!

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